SBS Logic help businesses of all sizes stay proactive with their devices and infrastructure, saving significant time and resources. A secure, scalable and future-proof infrastructure—with expert assistance—can ensure your business technology evolves alongside your business.

-For all your tech needs

Business Developpement

SBS Logic specializes in software for the management of businesses as well as implementation of ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning) tools.

IT Services

We build web and mobile applications, manage your internet sites for a greater visibility, manage the network and servers according to your needs.


From the design to the implementation, we deploy technological solutions that improve your operations and boost your productivity and help you better manage your ressources

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upgrade your business....

Whether it is a small or big business, we analyze your technological needs and offer you solutions that fit your budget and that are integrated onto one platform.  

We provide you with surveillance cameras, software for your educational institution, your medical institute, your business and others as well as the adequate hardware.